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People Reading

Ourit Ben-Haim

Freelance photographer Ourit Ben-Haim wanders on the New York  City subway lines  sticking her nose on paperbacks, over the shoulders of Big Apple’s commuters.

“It’s a formula of getting attention. I’m taking photos of other people, I’m posting it online. Obviously it’s going to attract attention.” The Wall Street Journal

Be it all-time classics or best-selling page-turners, this is an undeniably useful resource for publishing companies, in a time when e-books sales  have surpassed those of the traditional market.

“There is something fascinating about voyeurism. At its core, voyeurism — when it’s healthy — it’s just a desire for connection.” The Wall Street Journal

Check out her website Underground New York Public Library if you’re a bookaholic with a fetish for voyeurism.


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