Art Basel 2013

“There are art fairs, and then there’s Art Basel, the oldest, largest, and most prestigious contemporary art bazaar in the world.” Art Space

Founded in 1970, Art Basel is a cultural event that stages Modern art works, and attracts more than 60 000 people, from 36 different countries  – artists, collectors, art buyers, museum curators or just art enthusiasts – to 300 art galleries.

Although the swiss city has been a cultural capital for centuries, Art Basel expanded, in 2002, to Miami, by the hands of Samuel Keller.

Art Basel and its younger sister, Art Basel Miami Beach, have risen to become the most important art fairs in Europe and North America, respectively. Art Basel is also present in Hong Kong, since May 2013.

This year, the most notable transactions were a $12 million Alexander Calder ‘s sculpture, two works by Rudolf Stingles for $2 million each, and a $7 million Robert Ryman.

‘Why would I want to be the guy with $85 million when I could be the guy with the Barnett Newman?'” Marc Glimcher to Harper’s Bazaar

Check out the most outstanding pieces of artwork displayed at Art Basel 2013.

SourcesArt SpaceHarper’s Bazaar


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