Fonte: Everyday I Show

Ocean’s Eleven (Florida, 2011)

Baker Beach, San Francisco, California

Waikiki Surfers (Honolulu, Hawaii, 2013)

Central Park (New York, 2011)

Bel Air (Cuba, 2012)

Secluded (Iceland, 2006)

Beach Soccer (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 2010)

Chinatown, Manhattan, New York

Happy Hour (Japan, 2012)

Sleeping Seal, Waikiki, Hawaii

Paris (France, 2012)

East Wacker (Chicago, USA, 2013)

A sunbather on a rock by the seaside pool at Jacques Couelle’s home ‘Monte Mano’, on the Costa Smeralda, Sardinia, Italy, August 1973.

Freddie and Howard Cushing surfing with friends at Bailey’s Beach (the Spouting Rock Beach Association) in Newport. Their father introduced the sport to the club in the 1930’s.

Donna Fabrizia Lanza di Mazzarino in the garden of her grandparents’ Villa Tasca d’Almerita, Palermo, 1984.


Fotos de Charlie Waite





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