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Vintage Ads

Fonte: Vintage Ad Browser

Northwest Airlines – The sun never sets on Northwest Airlines (1951)

KLM Royal Dutch Airline’s Paris – To Paris and Such... KLM Royal Dutch

Fly To Hawaii Free Travel Vacation Green Stamps (1966)

Douglas DC8 DC-8 Plane Stewardess Print Art (1960)

Lufthansa Airlines Vintage Pilot Cockpit Photo (1992)

British Airways Club Class Clever Twin Babies (1992)

United Airlines Friend Faraway Places Hong Kong (1985)

Lufthansa German Airlines Pilot Hand Controls (1986)

Boeing 737 Best-Selling Jetliner Jet 3-Page (1982)

Kodak – Kodak, as you go (1917)

Darrell Stevie Waltrip Tide #17 Washing Machine (1988)

Ford’s Mustang/ Cobra (1964)

Ronson (1959)

Parker "51" Pen (1953)


Nestle’s Quik (1963)



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