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Vintage Ads

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Northwest Airlines – The sun never sets on Northwest Airlines (1951)

KLM Royal Dutch Airline’s Paris – To Paris and Such... KLM Royal Dutch

Fly To Hawaii Free Travel Vacation Green Stamps (1966)

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“The Quest for Absolute” by Benoit Lapray

Uma série de imagens retocadas a Photoshop, que ilustram a solidão de super heróis famosos, com os Alpes Franceses a servirem de fundo.


Super-homem by Benoit Lapray


“Iron Man” by Benoit Lapray














Art Basel 2013

“There are art fairs, and then there’s Art Basel, the oldest, largest, and most prestigious contemporary art bazaar in the world.” Art Space

Founded in 1970, Art Basel is a cultural event that stages Modern art works, and attracts more than 60 000 people, from 36 different countries  – artists, collectors, art buyers, museum curators or just art enthusiasts – to 300 art galleries.

Although the swiss city has been a cultural capital for centuries, Art Basel expanded, in 2002, to Miami, by the hands of Samuel Keller.

Art Basel and its younger sister, Art Basel Miami Beach, have risen to become the most important art fairs in Europe and North America, respectively. Art Basel is also present in Hong Kong, since May 2013.

This year, the most notable transactions were a $12 million Alexander Calder ‘s sculpture, two works by Rudolf Stingles for $2 million each, and a $7 million Robert Ryman.

‘Why would I want to be the guy with $85 million when I could be the guy with the Barnett Newman?'” Marc Glimcher to Harper’s Bazaar

Check out the most outstanding pieces of artwork displayed at Art Basel 2013.

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The Photographer Of Celebrities

Known for his black and white photography and portraits of famous artists, Herb Ritts (1952-2002) was an american fashion photographer.

Ritts worked for some of the biggest and trendiest fashion magazines, such as GQ, Vogue, Vanity Fair and Allure, but also for Rolling Stone, Newsweek and Time. He was also first choice photographer for sophisticated fashion brands, including ChanelRalph Lauren, Versace, Cartier and Calvin Klein.

Aside from his work for high profile brands, he also collaborated with many household names in music business. He photographed Olivia Newton-John for her album Physical in 1981. In 1986 he would replicate this cover for Madonna’s True Blue.

”He shot exquisite, iconic photographs,” said Graydon Carter, the editor of Vanity Fair, a magazine to which Mr. Ritts contributed dozens of cover images. The New York Times

Speaking of which, he also directed the videoclip for “Cherish” by Madonna, Michael Jackson’s “In the Closet” and many other music videos.

An exposition of his work was displayed from 1996 to 1997, at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts, which proved to be a huge success.


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The last poem in the world

by Benny Andersen

If this were the last poem in the world
I would make it as long as possible
infinitely long
but I would slow down the last few lines
and stop just before it ended
afraid of falling into space
or I would lie down
and creep on my belly out to the edge
hang on to the very last words
and carefully lean over the abyss
where all poems end
and try to look under the poem
use this rare opportunity
to see a poem from the other side
and just imagine if there I would see
the first poem in the world
then like a fly I would move
along this underside
clinging to every word
until I knew it by heart
and when I was done with the last line
try to get back on top
hanging and kicking and panting a little
twist myself up over the edge
and turn up in the first line of this poem
or maybe some place completely different

If this were the last poem in the world
I would refuse to believe it
or I’d put it off until later
and work on another one

If this were the last poem in the world
I would refuse to write it
in any case I would stop as soon as possible
like right here

Published by The Cincinnati Review .

The last poem in the world

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People Reading

Ourit Ben-Haim

Freelance photographer Ourit Ben-Haim wanders on the New York  City subway lines  sticking her nose on paperbacks, over the shoulders of Big Apple’s commuters.

“It’s a formula of getting attention. I’m taking photos of other people, I’m posting it online. Obviously it’s going to attract attention.” The Wall Street Journal

Be it all-time classics or best-selling page-turners, this is an undeniably useful resource for publishing companies, in a time when e-books sales  have surpassed those of the traditional market.

“There is something fascinating about voyeurism. At its core, voyeurism — when it’s healthy — it’s just a desire for connection.” The Wall Street Journal

Check out her website Underground New York Public Library if you’re a bookaholic with a fetish for voyeurism.