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As melhores imagens dos fãs britânicos no Mundial 2014

Pelo menos 1 milhão de adeptos ingleses marcam, hoje, presença em Manaus – a “Paris dos Trópicos” e”Capital Ambiental do Brasil“.

Three lions on a shirt: The England kit hangs ready in the dressing rooms of the Arena Amazonia - hours before being worn by Gerrard, Lampard, Wilshere et al

It begins! Fans began trickling into the Arena da Amazonia in Manaus in the late afternoon sunshine with their costumes - including a tiara - ready for action

Is there something on my head? An early arrival to the stadium clutches a branded cup as she waits for the kick-off - and there's no prizes for guessing who she supports

Rooney duo: A couple find their way to their seats in the Arena da Amazonia, wearing shirts which honour one of the England team's most famous names

Mania in Manaus: The Amazon rainforest city has been descended upon by thousands of England fans who gathered in front of the Teatro Amazonas opera house. The much-anticipated clash against Italy was given extra tension after  Italian goalkeeper and captain Gianluigi Buffon was ruled out of the match due to an ankle injury

Getting into the spirit: England fan Sarah Jayne Hart was one of thousands who made the trip from Britain to the Amazon rainforest city of Manaus

Welcome! The atmosphere in Manaus reached fever pitch as thousands of England fans arrived for the match. The city was once at the centre of the rubber trade

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Jobs That No Longer Exists


Profissões que já não existem


18 coisas que todo o Homem deve fazer este verão


(…) I had that familiar conviction that life was beginning over again with the summer.

F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby

Imagem de Norman Rockwell. P.S.: substituir “baseball” por “futebol”.











Infelizmente, a sua existência é rara, hoje em dia.

Summer afternoon—summer afternoon; to me those have always been the two most beautiful words in the English language.

Henry James








Summer will end soon enough, and childhood as well.

George R. R. Martin, A Game of Thrones




Art of Manliness


Passagens/Quartos (pouco) secretos

20 Secret Passageways and Rooms Hiding in Plain Sight

Biblioteca Nacional de Viena, Aústria

Os túneis de Cu Chi, no Vietname, eram usados como local de refúgio, rotas de passagem de suprimentos alimentares hospitalares, durante a Guerra do Vietname.

20 Secret Passageways and Rooms Hiding in Plain Sight

Um túnel de 200 metros, em Tijuana, México, que cruza a fronteira com os E.U.A., utilizado como rota de contrabando de droga.

20 Secret Passageways and Rooms Hiding in Plain Sight

Restaurante dedicado ao Exército Insurgente da Ucrânia, em Lviv. O UPA foi a resistência ucraniana armada durante a Segunda Guerra Mundial.

20 Secret Passageways and Rooms Hiding in Plain Sight

Entrada para um armazém do grupo libanês paramilitar Hezbollah





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Nike Projects a Laser Football Field

Football is the most played sport around the globe. It can be played by anyone, anywhere, with official balls or handmade ones.

The american apparel giant Nike team up with spanish advertising company Double You, and came up with a brilliant idea to compensate the lack of proper football fields in urban areas. Using an app, players could request a visit from Nike’s laser-equipped van. A crane would then be raised, projecting a football field on the floor.


19th Century Laws of Etiquette for a True Gentleman

Nowadays, it seems that chivalry is dead. Although you might have seen your grandfather hold the door for a woman, it is unlikely that you actually do that.
A true “gentleman” is hard to find, partly due to women’s emancipation and the sexual revolution of the 60’s; and partly due to young people thinking chivalry is outdated.

But what is a “gentleman” ?

Victoriana, Resources for Victorian Living

To be a “gentleman” implies a certain superior standard of moral conduct, an intellectual refinement which manifest itself  in unrestrained yet delicate manners.

A gentleman is cordial, intelligent, masters the art of conversation; knows how the world around him revolves, has basic understanding of science, mathematics, literature and art.

A gentleman should know how to differentiate a Picasso from a Renoir, but should never employ bad manners on those who don’t, or show exasperation when others aren’t comfortable with the subject.

A gentleman should be confident about his own knowledge, but also humble enough to admit he lacks some; he must learn something new everyday.

A gentleman should read newspapers and magazines in a thoughtful way, for he must be have a formed opinion on any issue. A gentleman should never be caught off guard in any subject.

He must be comfortable discussing politics, religion and other difficult topics, but he must have the sensibility to understand in which situations these topics are inappropriate.

Being a gentleman also means treating others, especially women, respectfully.

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